Ricin instant messenger

A secure, simple, lightweight but powerful instant messaging client written in Vala and using ToxCore & GTK+3

GitHub Linux binary Windows 64 bits alpha

Current version: 0.2.1

Ricin aims to be a secure, lightweight, hackable and fully-customizable chat client using the awesome and open-source ToxCore library. We know that there are several Tox clients but this project was initially made because the other clients were missing many features that users have been waiting for over many months. Ricin is a simple but powerful cross-platform client written in Vala and using Gtk+ 3.0.

Instant messaging

Chat instantly across the globe with Ricin's secure messages. No one except the people you talk to will be able to read your messages!

File sharing

Share files securely with your friends. No artificial limits or caps. The only limitation is the speed of your connection!


Ricin has no central servers that can be raided, shut down, or forced to turn over data — the network is made up of its users. Say goodbye to server outages!

Wanting a new way to share?

Ricin gives you super-powers!

Swag !

Ricin's goal is to be eye-candy and beautiful. So, enjoy!


Everything you do with Ricin is encrypted using open-source libraries. The only people who can see your conversations are the people you're talking with.


Ricin is free software. That's free as in freedom, as well as in price. This means Ricin is yours — to use, modify, and share — because Ricin is developed by and for the users.

So, what are you waiting for?

GitHub Linux binary Windows 64 bits alpha